Essay about Depression And Its Effects On Depression

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Depression is a brain disorder in which the person experience a sustained period of low mood include persistent sad, anxious or empty feelings, fatigue, thoughts of suicide or suicidal attempts. According to this video, 5 to 7 percent of the adult population in the United States suffer from depression during any year. The lifetime risk might exceed 15 percent. The present definition of depression is the state of disturbance brain responses to external and internal signal of stress.This means external factors cause problems in the internal stage in a person 's life and that is when the person will be more likely to experience symptoms of depression. According to Mr. Kandel, depression is the sense of feeling hopeless, helpless, low self-esteem and ended poor mood and sadness. The person who has depression lost interested in what is going on in the world. Mr. Kandel explained how Mary Bernheim (1902-1997) was an important person who created a treatment for tuberculosis. Patients that had tuberculosis who had the treatment created by Mary started showing signals of happiness what led pharmacologists to think how this treatment could be effective for people who had depression. This is because patients with tuberculosis that were sad after they had that treatment they started showing signals of happiness what was proof that the treatment created by Mary could work for people that had depression. Moreover, another important person was John Cade (1912-1980) who was the first person…

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