Essay on Dental Care And The Picture Perfect Smile

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Dentistry around the Globe Dental care and the picture perfect smile is valued and sough after in some countries while in others the mouth becomes something that is not part of the body and oral health is not considered as part of overall health. The media has altered the world’s views on what it means to be attractive and, now that includes having a white, appealing smile. Dental treatments around the world have grown to be expensive for both developed and developing countries. The costs are anywhere from 5-10 per cent of the total of health expenditures in some developed and industrialized countries and they are only increasing. The treatment of oral disease is the fourth most expensive disease to treat, mostly due to the lifestyles and living conditions of people in developing and even developed countries (Petersen “Overview” 665).
In developed countries, such as the U.K and U.S., a beautiful smile is sough after. The people of wealthier nations, with higher GDP’s, will spend thousands of dollars for dental care that is not necessary for every day life; rather the smile is more for aesthetic reasons. While on the other side of the globe developing countries around the world such as, Sierra Leone and Tanzania, cannot even afford the seven US dollars that it takes to fund a simple, yet essential, package of health services (Sheiham “Developing” 3). Due to the increased expenses and the lack of funding for dental services around the world, some have began to view the mouth…

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