Demonstrative Communication: Effective And Unwritten Communication

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Register to read the introduction… Demonstrative communication is used with nonverbal and non-written communication. The examples of demonstrative communication is the use of tone in voice along with body language. The use of demonstrative communication can be effective and ineffective. Effective by the efficiency of delivering a message and ineffective by the easy misinterpretation. Positive and negative aspects of demonstrative communication exist. The positive notes in the efficiency and negatively the interpretation influences that causes conflict. Listening and responding involves in demonstrative communication by both parties to establish a line of communication and understanding. Thus demonstrative communication plays a big role in conveying a …show more content…
How a person stands, leans forward, sighs, yawns, or even fails to make eye contact gives the sender or receiver information about the communication being shared. Communication can be understood to be many things and not all of them are necessarily the words that are read or heard. As noted above, there are many ways a person can communicate nonverbally. While listening to a lengthy financial report in a business meeting falling asleep can send a powerful message. Another person may be taking notes and physically leaning forward. Still another person may be texting on their cell phone. Each of these actions send a message, one is positive, while the others a negative. In another business meeting where the receiver is sitting while the sender is standing, the position of the sender will be critical in how the message is being received. If the sender is standing close and leaning over the receiver it can be seen as menacing. If the sender is writing information on a whiteboard, the message can be construed as informational. If the sender is standing at the whiteboard and making frantic gestures this may lead to the conclusion that the message is highly important and needs immediate

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