Demon and Meredith Essay

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Inas M. Mohamed

Professor Erin McMillan

English Composition 102

February 6 2010

Limitless Pictures, infinite memories.

“Demonology,” touching story by Rick Moody, portrays the life of his beloved sister Meredith as he reminisces through chronologically fragmented snapshots and photos, recollecting significant moments in her life. Moody pushes the boundaries and uses the conventions of both a short story and a memoir in order to have more freedom illustrating his sister’s life. In addition, not defining the text is a strategy Moody uses to his advantage because it allows him to go beyond a mere representation of the past. Moody narrates vivid, concrete descriptions as if he was right there, when in actuality he
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This helped her fulfill a sense of gratification and happiness inside. We get a feel that Meredith isn’t perfect yet the narrator unconditionally loves her because she was good-hearted in her own way.

It is evident that Meredith came from a well off family due to the exuberant and rich lifestyle she previously lead: drinking, partying, and staying out late. “She drank the demon rum, and she taught me how to do it, too” (Moody, pg 233). Moody continues to reminisce on dancing with his sister, creating mayhem on the dance floor. “We were demons for dance, for noise and excitement”(Moody pg 235). There is a portion of the story where the narrator describes dancing with his sister on the dance floor, how wild they were and how they were center of attention by being wild. He continues illustrating these small snapshots as a way to get the reader closer to his sister, showing that although she isn’t perfect, there is still a lot to love about her personality and she had a great impact on his life.

Moody’s use of language and style of writing have a great impact on the message he is trying to convey. Throughout the story, he uses words such as “demon rum”, “monsters”, and “demonic totem pole” in an effort to portray the chaotic, hedonistic lifestyle of his sister. Moody further portrays Meredith’s cat, Pointdexter. He describes the cat as a demon that would bounce of the walls and screech uncontrollably. "Point dexter

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