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Aging population in Charlotte County

The word demographic means the amount as well as the characteristics of people that live in a specific area or region. These characteristics can range from a person’s health, ethnicity, religious beliefs, density, level of education, and economic status (Cambridge Dictionaries Online, 2011). Demographics can also include a person’s age, gender, disabilities, status of employment, and location (Cambridge Dictionaries Online, 2011). These are all the types of human characteristics that are acknowledged and used by marketing, research, and the government in demographic data. Over the years the demographics have started to change dramatically. One of the more challenging demographics that have
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Census Bureau, 2012). As of 2010, Charlotte County had a population of 141,627 out of that many 34.1% of that many were people 65 and older (U.S. Census Bureau, 2012). The number is expected to grow over the years next few years.
Impact of the Aging Population
The aging population in the United States has an impact on health care costs and services, because the demand for long-term care continues to rise. The rapid growth of elders mixed with new advancements in technology has placed a lot of pressure on health care and long-term care (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, 2003). The aging population is too gradual of a process to assume that it is the main reasons for a major cost driver in the health care industry. In Charlotte County as of 2008 the biggest proportion would be those who are ages 45-64 (The Health Planning Council of Southwest Florida, Inc., 2010).
Health Care Related Challenges
There are some effects and one of them is that there are just not enough registered nurses because they are starting to retire. The demand for health care workers is increasing because the need for health care is rising. With the “Baby Boomers” reaching 65 and older there is a demand for nurses in nursing homes (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, 2003). Another issue is that with all the new technologies the elderly are living longer, this increases the chances of getting a chronic illness.

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