Democrats Fight Day By Day For Stricter Voting Laws Essay

1338 Words Nov 30th, 2016 6 Pages
Republicans fight day by day for stricter voting laws in the hopes of preventing fraud and forgery at the election polls, or even on absentee ballots. On the other hand, a majority of democrats feel as though strict laws may suppress those eligible from exercising their fifteenth amendment right. They support making voting as painless as possible for the American people. Both sides contribute compelling arguments and evidence to support their claims, however, in my humble opinion, fraud within the voting process may not come strictly from people, but perhaps glitches in the machines counting votes as well. Therefore, in certain cases, fraud may occur as the result of an accident within the technology relied upon to successfully count each vote, not just people committing crimes in order to deliberately rig an election in favor of a particular candidate.

Clearly, the right for Americans to vote shall always remain sacred. Citizens in the United states of America use their freedom to vote in order to have a voice in who we elect to represent our government. Senator Lena C. Taylor, author of Protecting Your Rights, stresses the importance of not letting voter intimidation affect eligible voters during the vote process. Taylor discusses Donald Trump’s accusations of possible voter fraud prior to the 2016 general election day. According to the article, Donald J. Trump encouraged his supporters to “watch” over voters within a myriad of minority…

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