Essay about Democracy Murders Itself: Is John Adams Correct?

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Democracy while it lasts long is bloodier than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide - John Adams Dictatorship; a rule with just one person or a few of them controlling the country may sound like a regime with less chaos and corruption. Despite such a promising scenario I tend not to agree with John Adams statement. It’s not democracy that dies off, rather it is dictatorship that fails to survive. And the dictator sees his failure when people want their voice to be heard, problems to be solved, rights to be served and freedom and equality to be the main focus of leadership.
Einstein, the famous
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The Muslims had a caliphate system. Why it could not succeed? Even during the periods of the ‘rightly guided caliphs’ there was a difference of opinion when a new caliph was being chosen and after the four caliphs the system degenerated into monarchy and subsequently all the evils of monarchy crept into it. So we can safely say that the caliphate system survived only for few years. Had it been a successful model to follow, it would not have died so soon. In medieval age the kings used to consider themselves master of the land and people. They could kill any of their subjects for any offence or no offence at all. It was perhaps the most deplorable system. It survived by the power of sword and whenever the masses got opportunity they wiped their masters forever. Pharaohs of Egypt of the past and King Reza Shah of present era are living examples for us. Dictators like Musharaff and Zia-ul-haq in Pakistan, Saddam of Iraq and Qaddafi of Libya continued to claim to be the well wishers of their people and yet they were wiped out and nobody remembers them now.

India is a country like us, having almost the same social background and economic conditions but the plant of democracy was allowed to grow. The result is that today it is a mini superpower and aims to become superpower of tomorrow. It is the democracy over there that knows Raymond Davis cannot kill any innocent Indian, and that no Afiya

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