Demerits Of Optical Fiber Networks Essay

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Cost comes first in considering the demerits of optical fiber networks. Despite of the fact that the cost for fiber is dropping by 60% per year and is beneficial in long run, its initial installation cost is still high and is not affordable to all vendors. Per unit cost of fiber cable is more than that of copper cable.

Secondly, as the technology is still new and improvising, it requires skilled manpower for its installation, operation and maintenance. Further it requires new equipment compared to prevalent system which add cost and manpower. It is also susceptible to physical damage despite of being flexible. It cannot hold high stress and is likely to break. It is more fragile than copper. When fiber breaks it requires careful working to join them back because a small error or gap in annexing the cable can cause large attenuation or loss of signal. Although it is extensively used for military purpose it becomes opaque when exposed to radiation and once the intruders manage to locate and break the cable, the security fully relies on encryption algorithm used (Gambhir, 2013).


Undoubtedly, optical fiber is being widely used in multiple sectors from communication field, manufacturing industry to biomedical industry and electronics devices as well. With the advent of new techniques and updated equipment it is gaining more popularity. The major application of optical fiber that we experience in our daily life is in communication…

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