Essay about Delegation: Nursing and Independent Living Environments

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Delegation--Authorizing an unlicensed person to provide nursing services while retaining accountability for how the unlicensed person performs the task. It does not include situations in which an unlicensed person is directly assisting a RN by carrying out nursing tasks in the presence of a RN.
Unlicensed person--An individual, not licensed as a health care provider
Verifies that the unlicensed person can properly and adequately perform the delegated task without jeopardizing the client's welfare; and
The following standards must be met before the RN delegates nursing tasks to unlicensed persons. These criteria apply to all instances of RN delegation. Additional criteria, if appropriate to the particular task being delegated, may also
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(b) Health Maintenance Activities (HMAs), as defined in this chapter that do not fall within the practice of professional nursing, may be performed by an unlicensed person in accordance with this section without being delegated. The Board has determined that in situations governed by this chapter HMAs do not fall within the practice of professional nursing when: (1) performed for a person with a functional disability

(a) A RN may delegate to medication aides the administration of medication to clients in long term care facilities and home health agencies if: (1) the medication aide holds a valid permit issued by the appropriate state agency to administer medications in that facility or agency; (2) the RN assures that the medication aide functions in compliance with the laws an regulations of the agency issuing the permit; and (3) the route of administration is oral, via a permanently placed feeding tube, sublingual or topical including eye, ear or nose drops and vaginal or rectal suppositories.
(b) The following tasks may not be delegated to the Medication Aide Permit Holder unless allowed and in compliance with Chapter 225 of this title (relating to RN Delegation to Unlicensed Personnel and Tasks not Requiring Delegation in Independent Living Environments for Clients with Stable and Predictable Conditions): (1) calculation of any medication doses except for measuring a prescribed amount

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