Delegation in the Workplace Essay

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Delegation in the Workplace

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Delegation 2 Every company has assignments that are delegated on every level within a business. Delegating is defined as giving authority and responsibility to a subordinate or an employee on a lower level. At The Plumbing Warehouse, delegating is a very important part of getting the price changes done on time. However, when leading and controlling are involved, the delegation process could use a few minor improvements. Every company must have effective delegation skills in order to be prosperous.
The manager in the pricing department of The Plumbing Warehouse keeps the department alive through the delegation
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When that happens, mistakes will most definitely be made. The easiest thing would be to relinquish the actual email to the pricing agent outlining the assignment along with the task from the manager. The subordinate would be able to hear and read the orders, therefore, making the task much more understandable from the beginning. In the pricing department, the process goes a little different at times. The manager does not make the subordinates feel confidant about doing the job at hand. Being a pricing agent can be boring, but it is even worse when confusion is a threat. Controlling at The Plumbing Warehouse is definitely lacking delegation skills because the manager has problems with letting go. Any issue is controlled because she feels the need to handle everything. Once you have decided to delegate a task, let your assistant get on with it. Review the project on the agreed reporting dates, but do not constantly look over their shoulders. Recognize that your assistants may know a better way of doing something than you do. Accept that there may be different ways of achieving a particular task, and also that one of the best ways of really learning something is through making mistakes. Always accept mistakes that are not caused by idleness, and that are learned from (“Delegation Skills,” 2004).
Delegation does not exist if control cannot be relinquished to the employees

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