Essay on Deja Vu Exist, By Us Running

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Many of us have been sitting there watching an event play out in front of our eyes while thinking this seems oddly familiar as if you have been here before, this is called déjà vu. I believe that déjà vu exist, by us running an event through our head before it has happened, or because we have been in similar experiences that remind us of the exact thing we have already gone through. While others believe their future is determined by their freedom of choice, the phenomenon of Déjà vu exists as predetermined fate. Like an unknown source once said, “Déjà vu is the minds way of letting you know that you are in the right place at the right place.”
Marriam-webster defines free will as, “freedom of humans to make choices that are not determined by prior causes or by divine intervention” (Free Will). In other words, free will goes directly against the idea of Déjà vu because it eliminates the idea that an event in your life was predetermined, and instills the idea that everything we do happens because we wanted it to or we made choices that have lead up to it. Mean while, when living life with the idea that your decisions are what deciding your future, the way you think about life will change. Therefore, instead of always relying on fate to decide your reality, people who live life by free will, will take life by the reigns and control their own destiny. Free will gives you the options that destiny takes away because instead of looking at life through the black and white spectrum,…

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