Deforestation Is Clearing Earths Forest Causing Negative Effects On The World

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Deforestation is clearing earths forest bringing negative effects around the world. Giving negative results to many species that live there . The forest only covers up to 30% of the world land area. Each and every year it loses about the size of panama. Forest are cut down for many reasons, but most of them are related to money or to peoples needing to provide for their families. The biggest purpose of why people cut down trees is because of their agriculture people wanting to farm their crops and their grazing so they can make money out of it. But if they keep cutting trees down they won’t be able to grow any crops because there will less rain and without water they cannot grow any crops. When this happens then there will be decrease in supply and the prices will go up and there won’t be any crops to grow because supply will be short and have high prices and crops won’t grow without the water.

Other reasons are because people try to urbanize the area. What people do to get access of the forest is that they start a construction roads and does roads are undertaken and this is when people start to cut tree down to make their roads. Which they start to create city’s around it making many tree disappear. Not noticing the damages they are causing to or the negativity they have brought upon this world. Therefor, people cutting trees down makes half of the forest disappear bringing many negative effect on the environment. For example, millions of…

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