Definition Of Transnationalism In The Modern World

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New Transnationalism in the Modern World
Thus, the concept of ‘transnationalism’ represents ‘state’ and ‘nation’, the first referring to have different perspective, the second to be aware, adapt other nation and culture. The definition if “Transnationalism” is the integration of two or more nation, culture, idea, and different value. There are numerous sources that assist with the definition of transnationalism, such as the effect on student who study in different country, and the immigrant family who is assimilated and instantaneously lives a ‘double life’ and have dual identity. In this essay I will also discuss the fusion and the use of transnationalism element in the music and film industry.
At the first glance, the affect of the transnationalism
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When immigrants engage in transnational activities, they create “social fields” that link their original country with their new country or countries of residence create a Connecting of different national backgrounds and ethic affiliations that immigration family to new place to find their identity. For the modern world “‘transnationalism’ permeates both entities with the notion of change and suggests the disjuncture of those social units which form a ‘community’ or live in a ‘home’.” (17) To create a future to their children in safe place, and sharing a commitment to principled ideals, as exemplified by scientists, environmentalists, human rights activists, by definition, international migration involves connections that cross the territorial units of the global. However, connectivity and social collectivity are analytically and practically distinct. Unfortunately, people may understand the defining transnational ‘in common sense terms as …show more content…
For example, the song “Happy” by Pharrell William. The original video spawned many cover videos on YouTube in which people from different cities throughout the world dance to the song. Which create cross border theme that linked the nation with each other although, those videos are usually called "Pharrell Williams – Happy – We Are from [name of the city]", create integration between all nation, culture and value in creating a universal music. Although, the singer has not have the element of transnationalism, but the song have the element of transnationalism such as the word of the song are relatable to ever culture and nation. Also, the genre of the song is

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