Essay about Definition Of Team Working And Its Advantages

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Section 1 - Definition of team working and its advantages and disadvantages

According to the Business Dictionary the definition of team working is the process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal. Advantages of team working
• Team members learn from each other.
• Communication and information sharing can improve.
• Over all team experience can improve and ideas can be shared can be achieved by brainstorming.
• New approaches to tasks may be discovered.
• Each team member will be given a chance to perform a number of tasks.
• The team helps to develop a supportive working environment.
• Can also provide social support for dealing with difficult tasks and situations.
• Team commitment may stimulate performance and attendance.

Disadvantages of team working
• Some team members may be lacking in experience.
• Team members may not be compatible with team work.
• Conflict may develop between a team member and another team.
• Workers must be selected to fit a team as well as required skills.
• Evaluation and rewards may be perceived as less powerful.
• Teams may be time consuming due to coordination and consensus.
• Team sometimes takes longer to produce a result.
• Peer pressure can result in a team member going against their better judgement.
• Team members may experience less motivating their jobs.

Section 2 - Functions of team working and different types of team
Functions of teamworking.

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