Essay about Definition Of Self Worth And Self Esteem

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Are children more confident because they are oblivious to the pressures the world can lay upon us, or is it wired into the adolescent mind to be indifferent about self-esteem? The study uses different ages, between 11 and 16, and gender to find the best possible answers to when self-worth and self-esteem are introduced to the adolescent mind and are their values different over time. 605 adolescent French students that attend PE (physical education) classes are questioned using several different methods (isolation, face to face, and questionnaires) and asked a series of questions pertaining to self-worth and self-esteem. The questions are based upon “Fox and Corbin’s (1989) Physical Self Perception Profile (PSPP)” (pg. 1 Article). PSPP involves 4 areas that help calculate a person’s self-worth including, Physical Condition (how you perceive your body to handle physical activities), Sport Competence (how well you believe yourself to be good at sports, learning new sports and, and your confidence in your athletic ability), Physical Strength (how strong you think you are, confidence in your ability to gain muscle, and use that muscle), and Attractiveness of Body (how you feel you look, ability to maintain attractiveness over time, and confidence in your looks). The study finds that, as I could’ve guessed as age increases self-esteem and self-worth are more prominent and values are lower. While the stated data, variables, and methods used are effective many variable are left out…

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