Definition Of Middle Range Theory In Nursing

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Register to read the introduction… The current trends in nursing theories as noted by Im and Chang (2012) were categorized into six major groupings: (a) “foci on specifics” where the researchers rather than further developing nursing theory focused their energies on details of the previous work and in testing associations among those concepts; (b) “coexistence of various types of theories” where it was identified the most prevalent trend in nursing research was that particular theories were cited predominantly, where 257 articles were about grand theories, 84 were about middle range theory, 13 were related to situation-specific theory, etc.; (c) “close links to research “where it was noted that most of the articles published in the last 10 years were based on multiple areas of theorizing including research findings; (d) “international collaborative works” whereby much of the work reviewed was written by international authors coauthored by authors in the United States, where the US author was the senior author. This may be related to an increasing number of international nurse scholar exchanges in nursing academia; (e) “integration to practice” where nurses attempt to integrate theory into practice in their clinical practice. Occasionally two or more theories were combined to explain a particular practice setting phenomenon; and finally (f) “selective evolution” where most of the research noted related to the four grand theories: Neuman’s system model, Orem’s self-care theory, Rogers’ history of unitary human beings and Roys’ adaptation model. Im and Chang titled it such because only those four selective theories had been further developed through additional research in the past 10 years. They postulated that these particular theories were further developed because they are more closely linked to nursing …show more content…
This incorporates two concepts: nursing human capital and nursing structural capital. These are influenced by nurse staffing and employer support for continuing professional development. Magnet hospital nursing staff and nurse executives deem educational support to be necessary for higher quality patient care (Covell, 2008)
Overall it is important for the profession of nursing to formalize and expand upon middle range theories as they relate to nursing to advance the profession and validate the expanded roles being seen in today’s nursing field. While building upon existing research is beneficial it is also important to conduct new research and expand the knowledge base for all nurses. As the role of the nurse is advanced so must the research that validates the nursing profession.

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