Definition Of Character Education

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Good character are defined as a particular feature or qualities that are ingrained into a person. A character education program is viewed as teaching of manners, and many other important actions in school that would later play a powerful role in a person 's life. I do not believe that character education programs in school will help to create socioeconomic equality, as it will not change the economic status of a student as parents income and education play a more important role in how a child is influenced at home; Also the surroundings that a person is raised in plays a crucial role on a person 's character.
An article by Alfie Kohn contradicts the idea of having character education programs in school, as it will only teach students common
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This way they lose interest in what the main reason was for the reward, and solely focus on the achievements or incentives that are being offered. This does not proclaim good behavior, but instead it describes the strategies that schools have invented in order to inhabit something called character. Kohn mentions that “The idea that social problems can be explained by the fact that traditional virtues are no longer taken seriously is offered by many proponents of character education as though it were just plain common sense.” The idea that is presented by Kohn in this article is that even though many schools try to teach good character, but some of it is proclaimed as common sense. In my opinion good character is achieved from the way a person is raised. The influence of a parent and or a guardian plays a very important role in an individual 's …show more content…
Parents income and education play an important role in how a child is influenced outside of school. If a parent who is not very educated, it will be difficult for them to each their kids the common sense that is acquired in order to be successful in life; but a parent who is well educated will be able to give their child the manners they need in order to be successful in the future, and will be able to cater to their needs better. Though a child might spend about seven hours in school, and learn manners and character, when the child gets home the way their parents talk, and do many other important things, is what influences the child most. It is said that a child learns best from his or her parents. Also due to the fact that the rich and the poor are not influenced in the same way, it stops for creating

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