Argumentative Essay On Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men is a novel about two men; Lennie and George. They are traveling partners and they look out for each other. Lennie and George have a dream about getting a farm and “living off the fat of the land.” Lennie is especially ecstatic about tending the rabbits on their dream-farm and George constantly tells Lennie about the story of how they’ll live together and have a good life. Unfortunately, Lennie and George’s dream dissipates when Lennie’s strength gets the best of him and he accidentally kills Curley’s wife. Tragically, Lennie ends up being killed at the hands of his best friend; George. Although Dr. Sacreth argues that Of Mice and Men is a tragic novel and that George and Lennie deserve better than they get, he incorrectly argues that George and Lennie led limited lives, that their dreams were unachievable and the idea that pain is beauty. Dr. Sacreth repeats in his essay the idea that George …show more content…
He believes that the pain in our lives can be converted into something beautiful. “pain of living in a complex human world and created something beautiful from it.” This is the final incorrectly argued point. I think that If something is painful, it’s simply painful, not beautiful. You can’t make something positive out of something that hurts you. You can get over the hurt, but you shouldn’t glamorize it and make it beautiful. For example, Nothing good came from Curley’s wife dying. It wasn’t beautiful and it only resulted in George killing Lennie. In the book, “pain is beauty” is a false ideal. The tragedy and pain that takes place in the book just leads to more tragedy and pain. Nothing is beautiful. The deaths of the characters can’t be characterized as making beauty out of immense pain. None of the characters ended up finding something good within the deaths of other characters. Candy didn’t find anything good in his dog dying and George didn’t find anything good when he had to kill

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