Definition Essay: The Role Of Stress In Our Society

Stress is the greatest burden every nation encounters. There is hardly a day without stories of death rising from the economy stress. It is one of the biggest health problems people are facing today, each person experiences stress on a day to day basis. Stress affects each of us in a different way or form. It tempers with the health of man, it is a destroyer of destiny. Stress is a strain on your mental, emotional and physical being, simply by causing pressure in your life, especially when there is an overwhelming pressure demanding more than one can offer. While, something that can be stressful to one person can actually be a motivation or source of energy to another. People encounter stress from society, school, family, work, health, relationships, …show more content…
While all along I have imagined that stress is all negative, turns out a little of it is amazing. As stated by our text book that stress can actually be good, the good stress is also known as Eustress. Eustress is that kind of stress that makes life interesting and happy like the part of stress that keeps ones anxious and eager as they await something positive. Distress on the other hand is that dis-likable part of stress that strains and drains us from happiness, energy, positivity and drive to go on. Sometimes the effect of stress can be mild or serious, we call it acute or chronic stress.
My view of acute stress is stress that is temperal. Stress that goes away with time, while it can result to fewer diseases like heart or chest pain. Acute stress is not intense as chronic stress, As with chronic stress, it gives us negative effects on our physical and mental health. Stress is linked to different aspects of life beginning from physical to social.
Stress can affect the way we reason, learn, perceive and interpret information emotional. stress can affect our feeling and emotion. In this life, I imagine stress to be one of the reasons people overreact and flare up in anger sometimes. In my opinion people without any religious ties are prone to stress and its

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