Essay Decriminalization Of Marijuana And The Demand Of Drugs

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The United States has expended hundreds of billions of dollars waging a 40 year war on drugs that is responsible for the incarceration of 500,000 of our fellow Americans. Drugs are a factor in the lives of many American, despite the enormous waste of money and lives, drugs are easily available as ever. Drugs are a part of most home life, they are in the medicines cabinets; in bedrooms of parents and children, young children also observe their parents consuming alcohol and on occasion some of these parents may use marijuana in the presence of their children. While other children watch their parents cooking Meth; drugs are a part of million children’s in school, they are sold, bought, and used in bathrooms and in parking lots. Drugs are issues even in the workplace, a selection of individuals consume alcohol while on the job, others are influenced by the alcohol consumed before reporting to work; drugs are also part of recreational events, sporting events and the list goes on. (The Social Science Journal, “Decriminalization of Marijuana and the Demand for Alcohol, marijuana and cocaine.”)
First of all, we live in a drug-ridden, drug saturated society in which from infancy onward we have been taught that we can have a better life through chemicals. We are educated that there is a pill, a drink, or a cigarette for every real or imagined pain, trouble, or problem, and that the more of these substances we use, the better off we will be. The warmongers who are against…

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