Debt And Debt Of Debt Essay

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Leaving off to college, there are quite a few seniors who are worried concerning the topic of money, and debt. Debt, however, is not always a negative circumstance. Debt helps the economy, build and thrive. Owing another money promises that there will be extra money, and that there will be additional production. Extra production means added wealth; it is a continuing circle of events. Numerous situations can cause one to be in debt, and when the situation is not handled, this is when debt becomes a problem. One circumstance that can cause debt is not paid back another of their dues, and continuing to barter with them. Creating increasing debt they are required to pay back. Another is to continue borrowing from different people little amounts of money, nonetheless, the money adds up and soon one owes thousands of dollars. Within the stories of “Rocking Horse Winner,” “The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man,” and “Metamorphosis,” there are three plots, but one same problem, debt with different situations.
“Rocking Horse Winner” written by D. H. Lawrence incorporates debt on account of gambling. The novel starts out with a young mother telling her son what luck is. She explained that luck was the ability to be successful or not. This intrigued the child and he decided that he wanted to find luck. He imagined that he was riding off to luck on his rocking horse. Turns out he does. When he rides the horse, the young boy somehow sees the answer to the horse race. This allows him…

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