Death With Dignity : The Death Of Dignity Essays

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Death with Dignity When a patient seeks a doctor’s attention, it is usually to ask for help with their medical issue. Whether it is prescribing medicine, performing a procedure, or just giving a yearly check-up, we usually trust doctors to do what is best for us. It is okay for someone to ask for pills to alleviate pain, but when pain is chronic and excruciating, sometimes the pills and shots don’t help. Millions of patients are declared terminally ill every year. Without a miracle, these patients suffer until their very last day. When does the pain become too much for one to handle? That answer is subjective, but is asked very often. The only way to permanently end suffering is to die. When the pain becomes too much, patients sometimes take their own lives. There is no ideal way to commit suicide, but, with the aid of a trained medical professional this act becomes more safe. It doesn’t sound so bad, but over the years, this topic has turned into a global headline. There are many who support it, and just as many are against it. I, for one, fall into the category of a supporter. I support physician-assissted suicide for many reasons. I believe that this is a way to end excruciating and unnecessary pain, a peaceful way out, and that refusal of this option is an infringement of our rights. I also believe it not only alleviates the pain of one, but can go on to help many others. Lastly, I will end my essay with the rebuttals against frequently used “con” arguments.…

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