Death Penalty Cons

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Death Penalty: Killing Hundreds of Humans Each year less than hundreds of humans are killed...legally. The death penalty is something used to the criminals that have done a horrific crime such as man slaughter, mass killings, etc. The death penalty is something that is used when the police officers and/or judge has decided that the criminal does not deserve to live after the crimes he or she has done. The death penalty should not be used because it is cruel, hypocritical, and not a good alternative.
The death penalty has the crowd of people saying no the death penalty should not be allowed. This citizen explains a problem with the death penalty such as, “It is barbaric and violates the “cruel and unusual” clause in the Bill of Rights” (source 1). The death penalty is a way of cruel and unusual, but Americans have a different way of cruel and unusual only because all people have different mind sets. People can’t expect others to think exactly the way they do as a person. “The possibility exists that innocent men and women, or the mentally ill, may be put to death” (source 1). Yes the possibility of innocent people may be put to death, but when in reality most people put in jail or prison or on death row
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“Our justice shows more sympathy for the criminals than it does victims” (source 1). When a criminal is put in prison for murder does not mean that out justice has more sympathy for the criminal than the victims. The judge or police officers can not bring back the victims and if they could, they would. Its kind of like telling someone “famous” to go die, when in reality they were put in this world for a reason. So with that said criminals were put in the world for a reason, it may not have been to kill someone maybe it was to learn while they were in prison that it was

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