Essay about Death Penalty Is One Of The Main

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Death Penalty
Death penalty is one of the main focuses nationwide in Untied States, becoming the issue of those who killed another person should be judged to death or not. John K, Locke once said “where there is no law there is no freedom”. And that is the main focus on this subject whether the rule of an eye for an eye should be conformed or not. Where the laws become changeable a lot of villains who did not care about punishment, lost their morality and accept their right of doing harm to others. Violent crimes in 2012 where 10,189,902 in the United States of America, between rape, murder etc, Americans are debating whether to go easy on those criminals by death penalty and if it is a civilized way or not; however, human life worth are not low and taking that step forwarded on the death penalty direction stops those who think of taking people life for nothing.
Americans now days have voted for and against death penalty, and in the news some writers wrote articles against death penalty explaining their opinion, while there are murders in America killing and walk free like Casey Anthony. The case of Casey Anthony was on the nation size and people hold their breath demanding for first degree murder, but she was freed becoming the most hateful person in America after finding evidence of decomposing body and chloroform of her own daughter in her car trunk.
After more than one year of Casey Anthony an officer sheriff find a key piece “Anthony posted on the social news site…

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