What Is The Death Penalty Effective

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Through the years, America and its people have relied on lethal injection, the electric chair, and hanging to teach criminals a lesson. The governmental process of putting criminals on death row and having them sit and wait until the day they die just does not sound right. The death penalty is not effective in any way because it does not teach people anything. In my opinion, the government makes itself seem like the bad guy because if one were to kill another and then get put on death row, it is as if the government is saying “since you killed him, we are going to kill you.” Honestly, who would learn from that?
The death penalty originated in the 18th century B.C.E. It was a part of Hammaurabi’s code, “an eye for an eye.” His ideas were not
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The government/jury is acting like a religious figure to the people sentenced. They are telling them in a sense “since you committed this sin you shall die or be killed.” The government/jury is not a religious figure; they are a political power that has no right to do this. They do have the right to put someone in jail but no right to put someone to death over something. I think the person should be imprisoned for life and when they pass away naturally then they can be judged by their own religious figure. They then can be sentenced to heaven or hell (depending on their beliefs). Also, most religions state that committing murder sends you to hell, so, what does this mean about the government/jury? Are they a bunch of murderers going to hell or are they clean good-hearted people trying to clean up the world of bad …show more content…
According to the deathpenalty.org, “the death penalty always traumatizes both families and for the victim’s family, it most often re-opens the wound of their loved one passing.” Families also feel like they have now two burdens upon them, one with the loss of their loved one, and the second being technically getting the murderer put on death row. The website believes that the death penalty should be replaced with life in prison without parole. I believe that’s the best possible idea we have come up with. Law enforcement also has similar views about the death penalty. Police chief James Abbott stated, “I know that in my practice, the death penalty does more harm than good. I stand before you to say that society is better off without capital punishment, life in prison without parole in a maximum-security facility is a better alternative.” That statement comes straight from law enforcement and for them to think the idea is worthless means a lot. Also according to the deterrence report of 2012, capital punishment has no effect on homicide

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