Death Of The Ladies By Linda Pastan Essay

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‘Til Death Do You Part A shrieking kid, a barking dog, the oven timer going off, a hungry husband that just got off work, and a tired, fatigued broken-down wife. This is what full blown motherhood is like, and it all started with a “happy” marriage from a loving relationship. Marriages murder women and the poems “To the ladies” by Mary, Lady Chudleigh and “Marks” by Linda Pastan show that women should not have married men two centuries ago, and that women should not marry men now. It is always husband and wife, Adam and Eve. Women have always been put below men in a relationship. When the husband makes more money than the wife, everything is fine. The man is supposed to support the family, because “he wears the pants in the house”. However, when the wife makes more money and is the main supporter of the family, the jokes come out. “Wives shouldn’t be the main supporter of the household, they should cook and clean.” This has been the norm in society for many years. As in “To the ladies”, written in 1703, “When she the word Obey has said, / And man by law supreme has made,” (5-6). This is proven when the husband says that he wants something done, the wife will do what he wants, because he is a man and only men make the rules of the household. Wives do not get the respect they deserve. Women are treated with more respect at brothels than what husband’s give to their wives, they also make money for sex, something some husbands expect and demand from their wives. Marie Howe…

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