Death Of Suicide, By Rita Robinson Essays

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Turmoil’s of Suicide
Suicide is an extremely sensitive subject for most. Whether it is someone beloved or someone known, just about everyone knows a person that has committed suicide or has tried, but failed the attempt. Often, suicide is related to weakness when one must give up his own life to end the hurt that he or she feels. One must understand what causes suicide ideations and what the possible outcomes are. Furthermore, understanding the reasons why people kill themselves, signs of suicidal behavior, failed suicide attempts, and what effects suicide has on others may be all the difference in saving a life.
There are many reason why one would contemplate taking their own life. Rita Robinson states in her book Survivors of Suicide that this is a, “mental disorder…” (Chapter 4). Although, others would criticize and refer to suicidal people as weak or insecure it is in fact a mental condition that without medical attention, cannot always be prevented. Robison also mentions how Bipolar, schizophrenia, or individuals suffering from severe depression are especially prone to suicidal tendencies due to the fact that their brains are, “Wired differently” (Chapter 4). These mental conditions exacerbate issues for individuals that are already unable to cope with the issues one deals with in life. Additionally, Individuals with no place to go or people to care for them, loss of loved ones, individuals who have faced war or torture, as well as shamed or imprisoned individuals, not…

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