Death Of Milwaukee During The Year 1907 And The Environmental And Cultural Changes

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A Comparison of Death in Milwaukee during the year 1907 and the Environmental and Cultural Changes
For this project 247 deaths certificates from the city of Milwaukee reviewed. The birth and death date, age, ethnicity, gender, primary cause of death and secondary cause of death, occupation, duration of illness, and marital statues of each individual was recorded and analyzed. Every individual in the data set died in the months of October or November in the year 1907. The average age of death for the total population in the data set was 34.8 years of age. The average age of death for men and women of the total population in the data set was 39.3 for men and 33.9 for women. The data was broken down to look at each specific ethnicity. When looking at each ethnicity it was found that 136 people were of German and Bohemian decent, 38 of Irish and Scottish decent, 37 of Polish descent, 18 of English descent, and 12 of Scandinavian descent. The data also included 1 Greek person, 1 Italian person, 1 Canadian person, and 3 people with unknown ethnicity. The average age of death for the major ethnic groups, which include German and bohemian, Irish and Scottish, Polish, English, and Scandinavian, was found and compared. The graph below shows this data.

After the average death age for the total population was found the data was further broken down to show that average death age of the men and women from each of the major ethnic groups. The graph below shows this data.…

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