Death Of Death - Original Writing Essay

2009 Words Apr 17th, 2016 null Page
They all stood there for a moment looking at one another. Alex suddenly became aware of the ticking of a clock somewhere in the townhouse as they all shifted from one foot to another. Then she was hit was a wave of dizziness. She didn’t know if it was because of blood loss, lack of sleep, pain, or the fact that she was emotionally drained, but the whole room started to shift. She felt herself start to go sideways and threw her hands out to grab onto something. All the sound disappeared and Alex closed her eyes. “Alexandra,” James’s voice was worried and right in Alex’s ear. “Don’t call me that,” Alex attempted to figure out where she was. She was leaning against something warm, which she figured was James’s chest. Her knees were buckled underneath her, but she was still basically upright. His arms were holding her up and her shoulder wound was pressing right into the metal of his arm. The fabric of his shirt wasn’t giving much padding and she felt tears prickle the edges of her eyes. She was just too tired to move. “Set her down on the couch,” Steve’s voice was close as well. James moved his arm so that one kept her against his chest while the other went under her legs. He set her down softly on the couch, but kept his hand on her arm so that she would know he was there. “I’m fine,” Alex attempted to sit up, but two sets of hands pushed her back against the pillow. “I just got a bit dizzy.”…

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