Death Of Death And Death Essay

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This poem dramatizes the relationship between life and death, the poet struggles with attempts of suicide and death “I have done it again one year every ten years I manage it” (Lines 1-3). The speaker reads this poem in a monotone lifeless voice, no feelings are emotions are portrayed, just a cold callus voice of despair and pain. The speaker connects with this poem elaborately by giving visual imagery of death with descriptive themes that depict death as an art “Dying is an art, like everything else. I do exceptionally well” (43-45). With multiple unsuccessful attempts of suicide, she uses the biblical allusion to connect to the character Lazarus, whom died and was brought back to life. This is the way the poet perceived herself “the second time I meant to last it out and no come back at all I rocked shut”. The poet is comfortable with death, but not coming back to life.
In the beginning the poet uses metaphors to describe herself “my face a featureless fine Jew linen”. This is an implication of being malnourished like the Jews during the Holocaust and thin like their bodies. The poet considers herself a “walking miracle” (4) in reference to her dying and being brought back to life.
Here the poet stanzas are used as implication of sarcasms where she address multiple people when in actuality she is referring to herself. “Peel off my napkin O my enemy do I terrify?” (10-12).This is a rhetorical question initiated by the poet, being that no one is comfortable with death. The…

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