Essay about Death Of A Salesman By Arthur Miller

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In the play “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller the protagonist Willy Loman has a tragic flaw that leads to his demise. Willy’s obsession with material wealth and popularity prevent him from achieving happiness in his life. This obsession prevents him from successfully having a career and being able to retire at an old age. Throughout the play Willy makes many mistakes with raising his sons Biff and Happy and mistakes at his work. These mistakes come directly from his philosophy on life. Even though some characters tell him this he does not take the advice. “Willy, when’re you gonna realize that them things don’t mean anything. You name him Howard, but you can sell that.” (Miller 97)In this quote Charley tries to help Willy because he knows he is struggling with life. Charley explains to Willy that just because he named his boss when he was born doesn’t mean that he is going to help him. By the end of the conversation Willy ends up insulting Charley by refusing a job from him because Willy is too proud. “ Willy Loman’s ego has made him hold onto his American dream, and he refuses to give up on it.” (Cassel) The irony is Charley’s son Bernard who is now working for the Supreme Court was told by Willy when Bernard was a child that he was too anemic and weak and would never make it anywhere in life because he wasn’t well liked like his son Biff was in high school because he was a football star. Now Willy’s son Biff is an unemployed 34 year old still living at home because…

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