Essay on Death Of A Salesman By Arthur Millar

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In Arthur Millar’s tragic play Death of a Salesman, Willy expresses himself as a character that struggles with internal conflicts. Willy often has confrontations with his oldest son Biff throughout the play, but most of this character’s toil comes from his own inner conscious. Through Willy’s experiences in the plot of the work an inner turmoil is created and consequently lead to his demise by the end of the play. When analyzing the play, the reader can see Willy shapes the drama with the internal conflicts that he faces despite being an overall flat and unchanging character. The nature of internal conflict is explored throughout the play though Willy’s ideals, his memories controlling his everyday life, and the ghost of his dead brother haunting his mind. The protagonist Willy Loman has ideals that fit alongside of the American Dream of the 1930s in which materialistic objects and wealth bring happiness contrary of the late-1940s period. His complexity comes from his unmoving characteristics with the opinions of others, the stubbornness and desperate nature that contradicts itself in his life. This can be seen with his interactions with Howard and his internal conflict of losing his job. As Willy attempts to reason with Howard his desperate nature emerges to simply, “set [his] table [with] fifty dollars a week,” which was a dramatic change from the sixty-five he was asking for a few lines before and more than the forty he asks for in later lines (Miller). As the lines…

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