Death Is The Cessation Of Biological Functions Essay

767 Words Nov 4th, 2015 4 Pages
What is death? Death is the cessation of biological functions. That cessation actually means that the body can no longer produce change, in the form of cell division and multiplication, gas exchange and many other aspects. Life in essence is about change and stagnation is ultimately death. If a company and the leadership of that company remain stagnate, death will occur. It is essential that a leader looks and anticipates possible change, but also promotes and facilitates change within their company. Evidence based nursing is about change. Can you image if we still failed to realize the importance of universal precautions? We have increased the life expectancy of our population, treated diseases and cured illness because of these changes. I will discuss how I effectively managed change with in my building in regards to morale and wounds as well as the rationale as to its importance. Change can be scary and difficult and it is important that the leaders develop processes that allow them to influence and initiate change (Huber, 2014). I have been in the nursing field my entire life and have experienced many changes. I have been with my company approximately eight months and change is occurring very frequently, because of the many broken systems and the stagnate environment. One area that needed dramatic change was in the area of wounds and wound management. The new facility I was in, was acquiring wounds like second job and the star rating was directly reflecting…

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