Death Is Something No One Has Power Control Essay

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Death is something no one has the power to control. Emily Dickinson does an extraordinary job at presenting death in many of her poems. Dickinson uses death as the central theme for many of her poems. Living next to the cemetery from a young age, it had a great influence on Dickinson and her incorporation of death and immortality in her poems. Emily Dickinson talks about death and the meaning of death in many of the poems give her readers an understanding of how darkness can be viewed. It is unusual for a writer to talk about death as much as she does, however, it is presented very smoothly in her poems. Talking so much about death, it seemed, as Dickinson was obsessed with the idea of an afterlife. The loss of a very close friend, Samuel Bowels, had affected Emily Dickinson as well, which also influenced her to write about life and death. Being a traditional Christian, Dickinson believed in the afterlife after death and did not hesitate to proclaim the immorality it leads to. Emily Dickinson displays the beliefs of death in the reflection of religion, afterlife and immortality in her poems give readers the feeling of acceptance.
Many people fear death due to the fact that they will leave their loved ones and descent from the face of the earth, however, Dickinson did not show any signs of fear while talking and writing about death. “A close reading of Dickinson’s poems indicates that the best of her poems revolve round the theme of death” (Antony & Dewan 2). Many of…

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