Death in Paganism Essay

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Death in Paganism Pagans believe that death is such an important process in nature that, without it, life could not exist. From the moment of birth the cells in the body are endlessly dying and being replaced. They believe that the body that dies is not the body that was born. we continuously shed and rework our appearance, our attitudes and our habits as we change from one stage of life to the next. The person that dies is only one of the many people we became throughout our lives. Many Pagan’s believe that if they are to be able to think beyond the conventional view of death, they need to ask themselves if the fear of death is rooted in an earlier, version of themselves that should have been let go. It is understood that each person …show more content…
The wheel also includes seasons, directions, and represents a connection of nature to spirits. Using this tool it is believed that you can connect with the energies all around us, nature, and the spirit world. Through learning how to use the wheel and how these natures relate to the universe, you can learn about yourself, your place on the wheel, the underlying purpose of a lesson, or even plan out the best location for the furniture in your living room. They are also used to plan the best location on the wheel to conduct a ritual or ceremony. The wheel of life is an essential tool to any Pagan who Travels their life path according to the Wheel of Life. They believe that is one can master how the wheel works, and connect with all aspects of it they can better understand life and death. The wheel can be understood not only by your own experiences but by observing nature as well. Pagans believe it is a part of the Wheel of Life when trees loose their leaves, and the decaying leaves feed the roots of the new plants. They see the Wheel of life in the waning and waxing of the moon, as it transitions from New to Full and back again. They believe that all processes of life are a cycle of life and death and then rebirth.

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