Dear Leonardo Dicaprio ( Or My Friend Tyler ) Essay

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Dear Leonardo Dicaprio (or my friend Tyler),
Throughout our relationship as a couple, I expect us to have a great connection and have mutual respect for each other. Before we marry, I would prefer us both to be graduated from college and have our career plans set out for us. Long-term cohabiting and LAT relationships, in my opinion, should not be an option for anyone, especially for me. I believe that if you love someone enough you should commit to them and if you have no future plans to do so then the relationship is meaningless. I wish to be married around the age of twenty-four which would be a few years after I graduate from college. A combination of a companionate marriage and an individualized marriage seems to be a great duo because within our marriage as explained by Cherlin “We should emphasize friendship, affection, and sexual gratification as well as self-development, open communication, and have flexible roles” (Cherlin 225).
After we have been married for two years I want to have children. Nonetheless, there are a few factors we should consider before having children including that we must be financially stable, content in our marriage, and live in a place suited for kids. I would prefer to have no more than three babies because that is my limit and I would like to have them close together. Three boys or one boy and one girl are my hopes. Although we should be actively involved in our child’s life throughout their development similar to Cherlin’s concerted…

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