Essay Dealing With An Overprotective Parent Or Parents

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Dealing with an overprotective parent or parents is one thing that we all most commonly share. A mother or father should not be the only ones who are considered parents. For some kids, they might have their grandparents, relatives, or guardians as a potential parental figure throughout their lives. The intentions of parents come across as subtle and tender when protecting teenagers from experiencing the world is effortless. The gestures that are done to protect a child limits them from taking their own risks. Children can feel trapped in this bubble that is impossible to escape from within their minds. In order for parents to prevent their child from becoming rebellious, they should allow them to make their own decisions by using their own judgment. When a young adult lives apart from their parents, but under the same roof, parents like to consider the young adult as financially independent. The best way that adolescents will learn how to grow as an individual on their own is to let them join the workforce, find their true passion in life, and let them be responsible for themselves.
Living independently is a benefit for adolescents because they can learn necessary skills that are required to be self-sufficient. When it is time for college most young adults feel that they are capable to live on their own. In some cases,when an individual feels that they are more financially stable when they believe that they should live independently. College students usually, they live…

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