Day Lunch As A Service Essay

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On a Wednesday afternoon, during lunch as the service users were being served, a particular black woman asked for a sandwich, and the line manager who happen to be the one servicing in front, picked up the sandwich and threw it at the woman, the woman said “ do not throw food at me, I am not a dog” the line manger got out to confront the woman(a service usher) and said get out, u are bared” the woman said y? because I told you not to throw food at me. The line manager stood in front of the woman and said come on then do me, and the rest of the service ushers who were white surrounded the black woman shouting in her face, come on then do something. I came out and told my line manager to please go back in as she was acting unprofessional, the white service ushers turned , shouting at me, well tell your friend to leave. I felt belittled and perceived racism at this point, as a volunteer on placement I instantly felt vulnerable in the sense of having less power and because of this I was not able to challenge the line manager due to the perceived power dynamic of the manager verses the subordinate relationship.

Professional conduct is a key part of manager role when working for or as part of an organisation. Managers and leaders are expected to know their individual role without considering the actual complexity of a manager role. A manager is expected to meet requirements covering all aspects of one’s personality and professional ability.

The essentially…

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