Data commentary on obesity Essay

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Colin Andridge
Professor Murphy
Eng 201 MWF 2:00
3 March 2014
Data Commentary Introduction After reading and evaluating six articles written by experts on obesity, the data seems to imply that better educating people about how their behavioral lifestyle choices effect their future and current health is the best solution. The six journal articles evaluated and analyzed include: David Freedman’s article, “How to Fix the Obesity Epidemic,” published in Scientific American in 2011. Green Gregory’s article, “Physical Activity and Childhood Obesity: Strategies and Solutions for Schools and Parents,” published in Education in 2012. Micheal Wietings article, “Cause and Effect of Childhood Obestiy: Solutions for a National Epidemic,”
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This leaves youth not only inactive but also exposed to the ruthless world of advertising by food conglomerates. Obesity does not merely hinder youth physically but mentally as well; once youth see themselves a certain way it is difficult to dissuade their thinking. Parents and schools can play a major role in assisting children by educating them and giving only healthy options when eating. Gregory Green is a Professor at Fort State Valley University where he teaches Health and Physical Education department on top of being the university’s Faculty Athletics Representative . Green consistently cites the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in his article, the leading center for all things disease related, as well as a plethora of articles written by his peers. Green utilizes facts to support claims throughout the paper, which allows him to leave personal opinion and bias out of context. Michael Wieting also explores causes to childhood obesity, and how it links to a lifetime of obesity. Obesity is a caused by “attacks” on multiple fronts, such as lack of education, genetic factors, and negative advertising by the food industry. Societal factors play large roles against obese children. In urban neighborhoods there is often a lack of open area for activity.

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