Darkness In Edgar Allan Poe

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The Darkness in Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe was an extremely significant person in American Literature. Poe was, and still is one of the most famous horror writers in history and will be remembered for his dark stories, and poems. He greatly influenced America with his mysterious and miserable ways. Even though that Poe was an extremely important and significant person in American Literature he struggled through life. He had many different mental problems that were caused by some of the tragedies that happened in his short life.
Edgar Allen Poe was born January 19, 1809 in Boston Massachusetts. He was the son of traveling actors. In 1811 Poe’s mother, Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins Poe, had died from Tuberculosis, a bacteria that most often
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He had to leave because he had started to gamble, he started drinking, and he started to fall further into debt. He blamed his father for not giving him enough money and when he returned home he got into a fight with John Allen and he ran away to Boston. John Allen had only given Edgar a third of the money that he needed for school and that caused a lot of debt. Edgar tried to gamble to get more money but that only sent him into more debt. When he had gotten to Boston he had enlisted in the army under the name E. A. Perry. While he was in Boston he had spent the last money that he had on the publication of “Tamerlane and Other Poems.” This collection of is poetry went completely unnoticed and is now one of the rarest pieces of American literature. Only four or five copies are known to exist (Untermeyer, 479; Biography of Edgar Allen Poe, Web).
Poe was in the Army for less than three years and was discharged because of his alcoholism, and his gambling problems. During the time that he was in the army he created stories of travel and adventure. He then went to the West Point Naval Academy during 1830 and 1831. He was dismissed from West Point for insubordination. Poe went home to his foster parent where a very violent scene broke out. Poe was rejected by Allen, so Poe left for New York (Bloom 1999, 13; Untermeyer,
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But it is also an arrogant man, and a fool.” No one knows the exact reason for the death of the famous author and husband. People believed that Edgar Allen Poe died because of his alcoholism but the theory behind it was never explained. Experts say that he did not drink enough to completely cause liver damage. It was suggested by experts that maybe other illnesses or malnutrition was the cause of the author’s death. Other experts say that Poe has lesions in his brain. More doctors said that he had heart problems, or enzyme disorders which could explain his erratic behavior. In 1996 Dr. Michael Benitez believed that Edgar Allen Poe had rabies. This case was dropped because of the bad evidence and presentation of the case (“The Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe”, Web; Bloom 1999, 14; Bloom, 22)
Edgar Allen Poe was alone for most of his childhood. Everyone that he knew, and everyone that he had cared about in his life had either died, or had left him. He lived in poverty for most of his life. He got married just so that he could have a family that would love and take care of him. Edgar Allen Poe inspired writers for years to come with his scary stories and depressing poems. He inspired many artists and many different writers with events that had occurred in his life. Edgar Allen Poe will always be remembered for his impact on American Literature, and for the horrid

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