Dark Romanticism In The Black Cat, And Dark Romanticism

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“Evil thoughts became my sole intimates—the darkest and most evil of thoughts” (Poe). In many literary works and modern day adaptations, a similar dark theme is exposed to the minds of diverse readers. Dark Romanticism is known for its eerie characteristics and how it affects people and the environment. Modern day films such as Misery, and other past literary works like “The Black Cat,” illustrate the impact that Dark Romanticism has on its readers. In both of these works, the main character suffers the effect of their own darkness with the outcome of insanity. Romanticism was the time period where logic was overpowered by emotion and feeling. Because it had such a strong impact on the people of that time, Romanticism carried on to present day works. A branch of Romanticism, Dark Romanticism, can be described as, “… characters [are] struggling to keep up with their emotions… [and] to escape from the true reality of life” (Milne, Vol. 2: 705-743). The evidence of Dark Romanticism in literary works is the weak mind of the characters and how their insanity, or …show more content…
2: 705-743). Although both stories have diverse plots, their main characters are similar because they both suffer from their own insanity. In “The Black Cat” Poe shows the result of progressive insanity and how it later effects overall actions. Stephen King makes a point in Misery to show the outcome of ones emotions and how they block out logic to focus on their unrealistic wants. Both stories display greatly how much of an impact the mind has on everything. Poe and King express the importance one’s subjective view on their personal experience has. Those who focus on their own selfish wants become negligible to the perspectives of those around them. Both stories portray characters that either can or cannot escape their mind. Either way, their acts formed from their mental state can end in dark

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