Daquandre Johnson Case Mystery Story

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Imagine growing up on the streets for your childhood, and actually being successful in life. That’s what Daquandre Johnson (D.J.) age 24, Darius Brown age 22, Jerome Baker (JB) age 23 and Shawn Stevens age 22, have all done. Daquandre ended up on the streets of Atlanta at age 14, after a breaking and entering in his home went wrong, that ended in both of his parents getting shot. Daquandre still resents the government and law enforcement, as his parents murders were never solved and the killer still roams the streets. While he was on the streets nobody really messed with him because he was a very chill guy, but was very big being six foot two inches and 180 pounds. The streets is where he met his “little brother,” Darius Brown. Darius eventually …show more content…
At least that was what they thought. The bank was scoped out the day before as they always do as part of their routine, everything was clean, this should be an in and out with ease. However, as they proceed with the robbery the next day, they didn’t realize that because of recent robberies (caused by them), every bank in the California area had undercover police in the bank at all times. The robbery had started, but it was not going according to plan. Shawn was waiting on the outside in the getaway car, when he heard multiple gunshots . Unaware of what was happening on the inside, Shawn asks himself if he should leave now and save himself, or wait for the group. As he is thinking, out comes running JB, Darius and …show more content…
“I ain’t got any of the money on me so jokes on you.” Shawn laughed.
“What money?”
“The money from the robbery, that’s why you guys are out here right?”
“Check the vault.” the officer announced in his radio.
“Sir, there has been a robbery, over 6 million dollars is missing.” the radio spoke back to the officer.
“Now you are in real trouble.” the officer chuckled.
That night in jail, Shawn was interrogated. He is faced with another dilemma. Does he tell them about the other guys or just take the fall. After all, if he would have just stayed in the first place none of this would have happened.
“If you didn’t rob the banks, how did you know about the robbery that just happened?” the guard proposed.
“I need my lawyer.” Shawn requested, as he decided to keep his mouth shut and let the guys get away.
The next day D.J., JB and Darius all proceed like it is a normal day. This time, at the meeting they need to decide if they need to move so Shawn doesn’t reveal their

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