Dan 's A Deep Anxious Breath Essay

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Dan takes a deep-anxious breath. "Hannah," his voice cracks, "Dear, we 're at the Orphanage." A puddle of drool ran down her seat cover. "Hannah," he repeats. Disoriented, she wakes up: "What, what 's going on?" "We 're here." "At the Orphanage?" She questioned. "Yes, dear, we 're at the Franklin Orphanage." She looks at her watch: "How long did I sleep?" "You mean, how long did you snore?" "Okay, cut the crap. Seriously, how long?" He rolls into an empty parking space. "I guess about an hour." She shrugs her shoulder. "I have a knot in my left shoulder. Will you please rub it out?" "Of course, I will." "Uh," she quivers, "that feels good." After about three minutes, "Dan, you ready?" "I don 't know, but I guess we 'll find out, won 't we?" She kisses his cheek. "That we will." Slam. The car doors lock shut. "Hold my hand, Dan." She continues: "Your hand is cold, why?" After a few sighs, he said: "I just can 't believe we 're going to be parents." His breath escapes like a vapor in the thin mountain air, "I know, right?" As they walk, she leans her head on his shoulder. Opening the office door unleashed a barrage of warm air saturating their skin. "The heater works well." Hannah quietly remarked. A friendly voice at the front counter greeted Hannah and Dan with enthusiasm. "Hi, you must be Dan and Hannah Jane, right?" Dan reaches out his hand to shake hers. "Yes, that 's us." "Here. Sign in," Martha, the office worker 's name. "Oh, okay," Hannah said. As he penned his…

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