Weekly Learning Essay

Describe the weekly learning and practical activities completed this week:

In Week 5, there was a range of activities which I completed, this included;

Watching four online lectures which introduced me to the concept of muscular fitness. The online videos were really interesting in describing the different components of muscular fitness and how beneficial it is to an individual’s health. In addition, the video’s described how to assess muscular fitness by using a range of tests and the different methods, modes and systems of resistance training. Furthermore, online lecture 4 highlighted the importance of assessing muscular fitness in certain/special population groups within our society.

- Taking part in the practical on Thursday morning. During the practical, I had to calculate my Maximal Aerobic Speed Training (MAS) from the score which I obtained from the Multi-stage fitness test two weeks prior. I then had to complete a MAS work out and record my % heart rate and % heart rate reservoir. Finally, in our groups, we had to develop a training program for an elite athlete using MAS training.

Select one of the weekly learning aims or ESSA learning outcomes and discuss how
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In particular the older adults. This concept focuses on prescribing muscular fitness exercises to older adults but in certain amounts and types. In addition, it focuses on testing the older adult before prescribing an exercise routine. For example; I will have to conduct a 30-second chair stand and arm curl test to assess their level of muscular fitness. Prescribing muscular fitness exercises come with a range of benefits. It helps to increase muscle mass, psychological and cognitive functions and reducing the risk of falling. As a health professional, I want the best for my clients and by prescribing them muscular fitness exercise it will increase the chances of that

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