Benefits Of Weightlifting To The Elderly

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It is never too late to work out and get healthy. Even the elderly are able to do this with safe and appropriate situational specific workouts. Weightlifting is very beneficial to the elderly because it helps improve morale, increase physical strength, and improves their quality of life by promoting a healthy lifestyle. Exercise has been shown in some studies to help with depression and to be an effective alternative to antidepressant medications. Weightlifting has also been shown to help with chronic pain, which can help improve the quality of life in the elderly population. As people age, they naturally lose muscle that is essential for mobility, endurance, and stability. The elderly are more prone to a sedentary lifestyle which, can increase …show more content…
It is generally assumed that taking care of oneself by eating well and exercising is a wise thing to do. However, as people age they become less active, their activity levels seem to diminish and their bodies become frail. Studies show that exercise such as weight lifting has a positive effect on the body. Weight lifting has been shown to be beneficial to the elderly, because it helps improve morale, increase physical strength, and improves their quality of life by promoting a healthy lifestyle.
According to Jentoft and Morley (2012) there are high amounts of evidence that resistance training is effective in helping with clinical depression (p.259-260). It can only be concluded that exercises such as weight lifting, helps improve the morale in the elderly. Exercise is very versatile in that it can be done just about anywhere. It can be done at home, the park, a swimming pool, or the gym. Many gyms promote group exercise activities and classes that are taught by professionals. These group activities can help the elderly become more social and therefore help improve their morale. Exercise is so interdisciplinary in that it can be incorporated into many different types of fun activities such as bowling, water aerobics, water resistance training, weight training, and walking. Since many elderly are on a fixed income exercise can be a cost effective way to improve morale amongst the elderly.
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According to Tavares, Morae, Deslandes, & Laks (2013) quality of life has been described as a person’s perception in relation to their environment, goals, and expectation (p. 135). Exercise such as weight lifting can help encourage the elderly to set physical goals for themselves. Many people that weight lift start off lifting weights that are not as heavy and slowly build up their resistance as time goes by. They set goals for themselves to achieve a greater resistance and lift heavier weights. Quality of life can be greatly improved by making healthy changes and setting realistic and achievable goals in a person’s

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