Czech Republic and Vietnam Communism: Past Versus Modern Essay

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Czech Republic and Vietnam Communism: Past Versus Modern
Keith Leung 7-1
January 10th 2014

Communism is a political thinking ideology. Communism has been used by various nations not only in the past, but also now. Changing to another government system is a tough choice. Countries have to be able to observe the stability and the economic growth rate of the system. Both Vietnam and Czechoslovakia (Now Known as the Czech Republic) “are” and “were” communists. After the velvet revolution in 1989, the communist party in Czech Republic has been thrown out and lost its power of influence ever since. Conversely, Vietnam has still remained a communist country since 1945.
The communist party has been developed after World War 2 in both
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There are three nations in Czechoslovakia, while Vietnam has only one party. So, decisions can be made more easily in Vietnam than in Czechoslovakia. Citizens in Vietnam don't get to vote since the government is a single nation operating system. Czech Republics’ citizens have the right to vote for what they want in their country.

The government of Vietnam and Czech Republic manages all state affairs through a structure that parallels the party’s apparatus. The political party appoints all main government positions. Without clear direction from the party, the government is unable to demonstrate decision-making. These positions are all filled with the important members from the communist parties.

In respect of centralization of power, the two countries do have some differences. In Czech Republic, power is distributed more equitably, because they have three parties form Czech. As such, the members of the communist party are coming from three parties, other than one. On the other hand, Vietnam stands alone with only one nation with the right to have all decision making power rests within the communist party. Hence, power is very centralized in Vietnam. In public perspective, Czech Republic has better distribution of power within the government, since the public can participate in decision-making. But in Vietnam, all the power is very centralized, rather than equitable distribution, like Czech Republic.


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