Cyrus, The, And The Advocacy Of Women 's Rights On The Grounds Of Political, Social,

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Destiny Hope Cyrus, better known as Miley, is a famous young performing artist who just recently labeled herself as a feminist. The question is; what characteristics make someone a feminist? Within the last couple of years, Cyrus has released some questionable music videos to the public while simultaneously calling herself a female supporter. Feminists are people who believe in equal rights, which Cyrus does agree with. However, what the singer fails to understand is that females are worth more than riding naked on a wrecking ball and using racist gestures to get their points across. Ultimately Miley Cyrus is not a female other woman should be looking up to due to the fact she degrades women in numerous music videos with her racy outfits, racist terms, and involves herself with public fights towards other women.
One definition of feminism is, “the advocacy of women 's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.” In an interview with TIME magazine, Cyrus states, “I 'm just about equality, period. It 's not like, ‘I 'm a woman, women should be in charge!’ I just want there to be equality for everybody.”(Cyrus, TIME) Although this is an accurate description of what feminism is, remember, Miley, actions speak louder than words.
2013 was a huge year for Miley Cyrus as she tried to rid herself of her childhood reputation as the Disney channel star, Hannah Montana. The almost instantly successful TV show led to Cyrus’s beginning of stardom. Throughout…

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