Cyclone Lam Case Study

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On February 19th, 2015 cyclone Lam had finally made landfall between Millingimbi and Elcho island in the northern territory as a category 4 cyclone. Cyclone lam had started off as a monsoon trough on February 12th over the Coral sea and moved over the Cape York peninsula and moved to the Gulf of Carpentaria. Due to warm waters and favourable outflow the monsoon trough became a category 1 cyclone on the 16th of February and was named cyclone Lam by the Bureau of Meteorology. Cyclone Lam started to intensify and formed an eye and became a more formidable force as the days went on as it grew in strength. On the 19th it finally became a category 4 cyclone as it made landfall. In Queensland on the same day a category 5 cyclone called Marcia had …show more content…
He stated that if the government gave the local people all the cash right away it could lead to people using the money for beers, gambling or drugs and not used on essentials. The 260kmh winds caused by Cyclone lam has directly affected over 5,000 remote Arnhem land residents. Hundreds of people from the Warrawi community were evacuated to Darwin with 11 people staying back for unknown reasons. There were only 2 injuries after the cyclone from Elcho island: a 12-year-old boy is believed to have fractured his arm and a 9-year-old boy has been said to have electrical burns on his arm, both kids were air lifted to the Royal Darwin hospital. The cyclone has left dozens of houses in its wake due to blown over trees falling on houses, roofs collapsing in on themselves and destroyed …show more content…
The Northern Territory government declared a state of emergency and gave financial assistance to the households in the most affected areas by giving them each $1, 245.
Management Strategies
The Northern territory government posted a public message “We have crews on standby to fly into areas to begin the process of restoration of essential services.
Communities are being advised to continue to boil their tap water until further notice.
As Tropical Cyclone Lam moves inland, flooding becomes a risk and areas affected are expected to reach as far as Katherine.
Further information about Tropical Cyclone Lam go to
Track Tropical Cyclone Lam at or follow the Bureau of Meteorology on

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