Cyberbullying Is An Issue That Has Risen With The Rise Of Technology

1293 Words May 20th, 2015 6 Pages
Cyberbullying is an issue that has risen with the rise of technology. Many internet users at school age fall victim to this breed of bullying on the web. The solution is simple, but many fail to take action. Additionally, there are people who are aware of cyberbullying, but they believe its effects are overstated due to its popularity among news channels today. I believe cyberbullying is a problem that must be dealt with, and that the solution is simple, parents must monitor their children’s internet use and be vigilant against any threats from the web.
It has been proven that Cyberbullying is just as bad as traditional bullying, kids’ feelings are still hurt; bullies are benefiting from the misery of others, and the world is overall a worse place for many people. That can all be prevented by the criminalization of Cyberbullying or by having the parents more involved with their children’s internet use. These actions would both discourage people from Cyberbullying and support children on how to react when they are under attack from the internet. One feature that protects the cyber bullies is anonymity. “The root of harassment lies with anonymity.” When bullies are anonymous, they tend to become bolder and inflict more damage upon their victims, all thanks to the shield of anonymity. Anonymity basically masks their true identity, making it harder to figure out the real identity of the bully. So when people try to track a bully down, they have to pass the hurdle…

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