Cyberbullying: Hazards Of Social Media

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Cyberbullying is an act that does not require any form of contact and can affect everyone. Incidents due to cyberbullying have increased immensely over the past years since technological advances are and have been on a rise. Studies have found that social network users are more vulnerable to cyberbullying than other internet users are because of the personal nature of these sites. A user’s personal information is easily and quickly accessible to anyone, making it easy for cyberbullies to harass their victims. Since there is no effective way to completely get rid of cyberbullying, it has become a major concern for all social network users.

There is no apparent author of this article, but it was published by Student Resources in Context
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She is a professor at University of Massachusetts and has published many works. There appears to be no funding for the research in this article. This source will help answer my question by showing how scary social media can be, representing how it may be harmful to its users.

Tate, Brittany. "Hazards of social media." Brunswick News [Brunswick, GA] 26 Mar. 2014. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 23 Sept. 2015.

Recent studies have shown that social media can have a major impact on one’s health and well-being. Eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, depression, smoking, and absenteeism are all possible side effects of social media use. Overly photoshopped images and cyberbullying on social networking sites are both causes of these health behaviors. Even though there are drawbacks to social media, it can be a very helpful source if used properly. Mary Belechak, a Glynn Academy freshman counselor, is certain that social media, “like any other new invention or discovery, is running its course and we will learn from it.”

Brittany Taylor is the author of this piece. She has been writing for The Brunswick News for a couple years and graduated from Georgia Southern University. There were no funders found for this article. This source describes health altering effects of social media use, which shows a view from the harmful
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She is the managing editor of Small Business Computing and was recently named a top small business influencer. Small Business Computing is run by Quin Street Enterprise and it does have the option to advertise on their website. This source shows how social media can be beneficial to businesses, portraying its helpful effects.

Jung, Brian. "The Negative Effect of Social Media on Society and Individuals." Chron. Houston Chronicle, n.d. Web. 30 Sept. 2015.

Social media sites allow us to connect with close family and friends, and with people who you normally would be out of touch. Having this connection can have a downside, however. Social media can give a false sense of connection and fuel cyberbullying, especially among youth. On top of that, studies have shown that social media causes a decrease in productivity and privacy. Even though social media may seem completely harmless, there are some cons of it that affect our everyday lives. The author of this article is Brian Jung. He has been writing professionally since 1991 and holds a doctor of philosophy in English. There were ads on the website but there appeared to be no other funders. This source will show how social media impacts our daily lives negatively, making it

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